Jumat, 06 Januari 2017

Why Agen Poker is as dangerous as Donald Trump or the worst

From the moment when he announced his desire to win the Republican nomination for the US president, Donald Trump was the most recent candidate to mention, discuss and proclaim any election. Mr. Trump has received about $ 2000000000 worth of advertising in a nine-month campaign just based on the number of his name dominating the media and our daily lives. The fact is that there are three reasons for the existence of Trump Mania, the first reason is that we have more obsessed celebrities, and the second one he has on migrants, Muslims and women, journalists, races and others the highest data, Finally, to control dem the art, his ability to know what people want to hear, to persuade the way. Trump is the owner of the pimp, and like any other politician can do; this is what keeps him up to today's campaign, starting with 17 candidates for almost a year's season. The nomination of Donald Trump so much of the noisy occupation in the election of modern times; the air being sucked out of our ability, so look carefully at the other candidates. One of Texas' candidate Candidate Eduardo Rafael (Ted) Cruz.

Senator Cruz is much more dangerous than Donald Trump, who has a wide range of actions and procedures to prove the theory. Although Donald Trump is in fact ironic, unless he swears to take action against immigrants and Muslims, and everyone is another hatred he pulled out of the hat - Senator Cruz, a firm Believers in the self-righteous, and that he is an anointed person is destined to achieve the will of God. While Trump's frenzy runs the presidency just because he thinks he should be president and will do anything to achieve it, Senator Cruz's mission brings the evangelical rights of the "minority" agenda, which is inclusive of religious plans In every aspect of government and our daily lives. Please allow me to remind you that Ted Cruz was elected as a senator, as a candidate of the Tea Party, who promised to bring Washington's knees to God, and he did everything he could to do it. We are talking about the protagonist with the same Senator Cruz, who is 21-hour and 19-minute angry senator in September 2013 protesting the Affordable Care Act (Obama); the government ended with a cost of $ 24 billion. The same Ted Cruise has repeatedly called for circumvention of family planning, and despite all the evidence refuting allegations for the government of family planning, it provides funds for abortion. The same number of reproductive rights, Ted Cruz believes, the Supreme Court on the legalization of abortion Roe v. Wade is a dark anniversary. It also called for prohibition of what he called the "partial birth" of the Republic of Abortion, and he supported Texas, asking doctors at abortion clinics to introduce patients to nearby hospital privileges. There is no doubt that Senator Cruz abortion as an extremist, as it is in any other issue.

Senator Cruz was also the main voice of the anti-gay rights movement, in fact he became an advocate of abolishing the life-long appointments of Supreme Court judges after the courts recently nationalized same-sex marriages. Not to mention that Cruise also delivered a speech at the National Conference on Religious Freedom, a gathering of evangelicals who called for an amendment to Kevin Swanson's uncertainty and passion to establish the death penalty for homosexuals. Ted Cruz was there, he did not deny abhorrence and gay Swanson. Finally, a recent terrorist attack in Belgium took place, and Senator Cruz had the opportunity to publish an insane Donald Trump anti-Muslim proposal, the stupid idea being "to prevent law enforcement agencies from patrolling and protecting the Islamic community as they become The difference between Trump and the cruise is that while Trump is most likely to create an uproar that continues to dominate the news, there is no way to know about the special- Whether or not Longpeak will implement these proposals, but we all know that Trump is just a novelty selling a novelty selling products, resentment, hatred of foreigners and opportunism.We know that Senator Cruz really believes that Islam is fighting with Christianity. Cruz believes in this holy war, because in his heart, in the hearts of his right-wing Christians, all religious beliefs are true.To monitor American Muslims is not just for the public fear and ridicule or plunder. It's more sinister than we thought.

Donald Trump is dangerous because it is a pimp, but we have seen him at least trying to adapt. We may not know what is the real value, perhaps the only value, no matter what value other people; this is the nature of the pimp. Capsa susun online is as dangerous as donald trump because it is a test that will continue to irritate his base and he will go on he can prove his bravado out of the way, but with running in primaries rather than operating in the general election a say What a big difference. As for Cruz, we know him, and we know that he is an extremist, and we know what his agenda is as we have seen in action over the last few years. It was the same Ted Cruise, who boasted the government's closure, as if it were supposed to be the proudest achievement for him. It was Ted Cruise, who was now gone without his colleagues in the Senate so quickly that when they backed him, you could see the fear on their faces. You can hear them almost crying.

Senator Graham (R) S. C. He joked: "If you killed Ted Cruise in the Senate to judi togel online, no one owes you," this line is because it is considered funny right. In the Senate Ted Cruise's colleagues do not love him, it is because it is extreme, uncompromising, rude people who think he has a divine appeal to take what he calls the "Washington Cartel." Senator Cruz is a fanatical, power-hungry, fanatical right-wing, and the prospect of being anywhere near the US presidency.

It became clear that the idea of ​​the party was to prevent Donald Trump from becoming a candidate, but we also know that Cruz seems to be the next few days in the negotiations to promote Republicans more reasonable in the past few days, One of the best options they can avoid is the embarrassment of Trump's candidacy. That's why it seems that there are many parties that set up the conclusion that it is best to collect relentlessly behind him. In the past few days Alhastej has become "NeverTrump" in social media is very popular, but we know that we know Ted Cruise, know that fanaticism is dangerous, we must modify Alhastej including "NeitherCruz".

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