Jumat, 06 Januari 2017

Why Donald Trump will win the US president's landslide

Claiming that Donald Trump will win the presidency in a landslide in 2016 could be a bit of a surprise. After all, the media arrogantly claimed that Clinton had certain winners.

The fact is that there are historical reasons that will be our future President Donald Trump.

At the time of this writing, there were two weeks before the general election. Hillary Clinton is campaigning as it has already won in the election, according to investors' day-to-day business. Some will claim that this is because they will be able to win, but the most likely explanation is that they simply do not have the stamina to arrange for Mr. Trump's repression.

Of course, two weeks of intensive activity can make a big difference in the presidential election and allow a chance like this slide is likely to be a serious mistake. Some major polls have shown the next trump card.

There are, of course, many other reasons to expect Donald Trump's is owner at domino qiu qiu victory. E-mail WikiLeaks is embarrassing not only for Hillary's campaign, but also for the entire Democrats flock. VERITAS video is a spin on the other side of the Democratic Party project.

Despite the media and trying to clone the crazy movement, ignoring this evidence and highlighting the power against Donald Trump, it is hard to imagine that large-scale such problems can not be connected to the most powerful filtering terrible effects of Hillary Definitely not.

The blatant media bias is another reason for the Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party's serious pollution.

Because of all the support Hillary's prejudice, it seems to be a serious blow to Trump. I would like to say the opposite: the American people will blatantly look through the media's prejudices before being seen with the stronger ones because it is right that (in fact, the broad media distrusts about 95% more than the American people).

The Americans of this disease pass the corrupt Washington bulls pattern and look to Hillary and her husband as a manifestation of the institution and Washington.

How many of the demands of corruption in Washington have been cleaned for decades is to mobilize the United States to cry? So far, there seems to be nothing what Americans can do to exist - that is, even if Trump appears from the outside.

There is, of course, more reason to expect a huge win-win situation. In the summer we saw a horrific terrorist attack that has highlighted riots and widespread looting and shooting police many times. In fact, this country is a very dangerous way, in fact.

In fact, Donald Trump in his campaign has been determined to lead the day by these questions, who proclaimed the way out of the question.

The world in the United States is part of the call for change. This can be seen in all of the recent news, from Brexit, which is despite the general feeling of his (as well as the economic collapse of the pessimistic predictions and spoken) of Bernie Sanders, who Hillary could just pass the electoral fraud The size of the defeat beat the nomination's insistence on wide-ranging exposure by WikiLeaks website and e-mail DMC.

There is another reason to expect Trump victory, is a historical precedent. The American people do not like the idea of ​​a single party taking too long. This can be seen in the history of US presidential elections can be seen for at least half a century back to John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson and foreign management.

Since then, Americans have been careful to find a balance, a major political alternation between one or the other. The post lists a few presidential governments, and we can see that this is true:

Kennedy / Johnson - Democrat
Nixon / Ford - Republican
Jimmy Carter - Democrat
Reagan / Old Bush - Republican
Clinton - the Democratic Party
George W. Bush - Republican
Obama - Democracy

Looking at this list, we can see that the American people are very careful, the Democratic Party and the Republican President alternately. In some years, when they are particularly careful, they will elect the president from one side and, on the other, the Congress gets a greater balance.

The reason is that Americans know that power is corrupt and so they worry about allowing a party to have a lot of power for a long time. Of course, the Democratic Party has driven the tremendous force in the past eight years.

While it is true that the Democrats are eager to put the possible democratic vote (in fact, the Democratic Party favors immigration policies, careful rather than taking their own coincidence), it is not enough to swing the electorate for their favorable immigration.

In fact, many legal immigrants (who are the only ones who should vote in these elections) do not want more immigrants as they realize that more and more people will start competing with them for work and other benefits only.

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